I was avidly involved in photography for many years until I set it aside for more than a decade to pursue other activities. In my return to an intentional camera use I rediscovered an excitement that has only increased with time and practice.  I have been able to reclaim my previous photographic engagement  with new freedoms and fresh perspectives. 

I sometimes identify myself as a nature photographer because that is the simplest way to describe what I do. But nature is in us as well as vice-versa.   Photographing affords a way of exploring my awareness  of that relationship and realizing its scope.

For me photography is a way to investigate the  porosity of the boundary between me and what is before the camera. When the best circumstances prevail, with my camera or in post processing, I think of the experience as a close encounter. There is a blurring of conventional boundaries between self and other  and affinity becomes accompanied by expanse.  In those moments making photographs is a way to taste the thrill of wonder.


In total acceptance, almost everything becomes a revelation.

Poetic logic is the sensuous apprehension of what we do not yet understand in the presence of reality.

Frederick Sommer

Nothing distinguishes a poet from other men and women but those moments – rare and frequent – in which being themselves, they are other.

Octavio Paz

All a musician  can do is to get closer to the sources of nature, and so feel that he is in communion with the natural laws.

John Coltrane

We can perceive things at all only because we are entirely a part of the sensible world that we perceive. We might as well say that we are organs of this world, flesh of its flesh, and that the world is perceiving itself through us.

David Abram

Vast and deep, everything and everywhere - the sheer presence of materiality is open to itself through our eyes, aware of itself here in the beginning.

David Hinton

We had our beginnings in the dreams of stars. Over time we had become the thoughts of matter as well as its awareness.

Emmet Gowin

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