Curriculum Vitae - Close Encounters

                     Roy Money



Solo Exhibitions

2016 Matter and Time,  Kehler Liddell Gallery, New Haven, CT

2015 East Rock Sanctuary, Atticus Café, New Haven, CT

          Time Reconsidered, Mary Daly Art Gallery, Mercy Center, Madison, CT

2013  A Sense of Time, George St. Gallery, New Haven, CT

2011  European Café, New Haven, CT

1984  Hamden Hall Country Day School, Hamden, CT

1979  Janvier Gallery, Newark, DE

1975  Tennessee Historical Commission, Nashville, TN

Selected Group Exhibitions - Recent

2016  All In: Sumner McKnight Crosby Jr. Gallery, New Haven, CT

           The River: Still Point Art Gallery, Brunswick, Maine

2015  New Members Show, Kehler Liddell Gallery, New Haven, CT 

           One Source, New Haven Lawn Club, New Haven, CT - 2 person

           Windows To The East, Silk Road Art Gallery, New Haven - 3 person

           Kehler Liddell Group, Janney Advisory Offices, New Haven, CT

           Artspace Cloud Nine Silent Auction, New Haven, CT

           Images 2015: Guilford Art Center, Guilford, CT

           Kehler Liddell Members Show, Kehler Liddell Gallery, New Haven, CT

           Shoreline Arts Alliance Gala Auction, Guilford, CT  

2014  Flotsam + Jetsam, Curation of Artspace Flat File, Erector Square, New Haven

           City Wide Open Studios, New Haven Armory

           SPECTRA: Sumner McKnight Crosby Jr. Gallery, New Haven, CT

           The Art of Travel: PhotoPlace Gallery, Middlebury, VT

2013  City Wide Open Studios, New Haven Armory, New Haven, CT

           Images 2013: Guilford Art Center, Guilford, CT

           Circulating Gallery: Institute Library, New Haven, CT

           Rare Earth: Darkroom Gallery, Essex Junction, VT

2012  Stone Work: Institute Library, New Haven, CT

           The Awakened Eye: An Online Gallery for Creativity and Undivided Awareness

           Encompass: Sumner McKnight Crosby Jr. Gallery, New Haven, CT

           SPECTRA: Sumner McKnight Crosby Jr. Gallery, New Haven, CT

2011  City Wide Open Studios: Erector Square, New Haven, CT

            At the Edge of Things: West Cove Gallery, West Haven, CT

            PHOTOcentric : Garrison Art Center, Garrison, NY (1st Prize)

            CameraWorks: Ridgefield Guild of Artists Ridgefield, CT (Hon. Mention)

            Photoworks: Barrett Art Center, Poughkeepsie, NY

            Images 2011: Guilford Art Center, Guilford, CT

Print Media

"The River", Still Point Arts Quarterly, Fall 2016

“Five New Haven Photographers”, Todd Lyons, New Haven Living, September 2015

“One Source: Ann Doris-Eisner Paintings and Roy Money Photographs”, Bill Cobbett, New Haven Lawn Club Newsletter, August 2015

“Out of Time”, Stone Voices, Winter 2014

“Blue: Color of the Clear Sky and the Deep Sea”, Still Point Arts Quarterly, Winter 2014

“The Southern Ethic”, Introduction by A.D. Coleman, Southern Exposure, 1975

Online Periodicals

"Two Artists' - One Source at Lawn Club Gallery", Allan Appel, August 7, 2015

“One Source ~ Paintings by Anne Doris-Eisner and Photographs by Roy Money at The New Haven Lawn Club”, ARTFIXdaily, July 1, 2015

“Windows to the East: China Through the Local Lens”, April 29, 2015

Allan Appel “Photographers Snap Up China”, April 21, 2015

Matt Reiniger, “Time Reconsidered: Photographs of China by Roy Money”, Arts Council of New Haven, Feb 11, 2015,

Stephen Kobasa, “Look Here: Work by Nearby Artists”, New Haven Independent, June 22, 2011, look_here_new_work_by_nearby_artists_15/

“East Rock Photographs”, Arts Council of New Haven, Spring 2010,

Online Images

Publications as Author

“Minor White and the Quest for Spirit”, Stone Voices, Winter 2015,  published online at

“Some Kind of Animal - David Abram’s Becoming Animal: An Earthy Cosmology”, Ring of Bone Zendo, Fall 2012

“The Mind of Clover Revisited: Thoughts on Robert Aitken’s Mind of Clover”, Ring of Bone Zendo, Spring 2011


Workshops with George De Wolfe, Charles Traub, A.D. Coleman, John Weiss, Minor White

Master of Fine Arts, University of Delaware, Newark, DE, Photography

BA, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN, Sociology


Kehler Liddell Art Gallery

Artspace New Haven

Arts Council of New Haven

Shoreline Arts Alliance

Photo Arts Collective

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