About Me - Close Encounters

In this increasingly techno-driven consumerist culture it is possible to lose sight of the elemental creativity in  the cosmos which is the foundation  for all our human achievements.  I usually identify myself as a nature photographer because that is the simplest way to describe what I do. But rather than a world apart, nature includes the biophysical processes of our bodies and animates the  amazing forms and mysteries for all the many bodies not like us as well.

Photography affords a way of exploring my awareness of the material world and realizing the scope of my embeddedness in it. When visually drawn to something I try to give myself to the nexus of perception. When the best circumstances prevail, with my camera or in post-processing, I think of the experience as a close encounter – in which intimacy  is accompanied by expanse. In those moments making photographs is a way to savor the thrill of wonder and perhaps convey a sense of wholeness in what often seems like a fragmented world.


In total acceptance, almost everything becomes a revelation.

Frederick Sommer

The secret was to get inside whatever I was looking at...it simply meant  making it more itself so that it became more evidently unique!

John Berger

The landscape thinks itself in me and I am its consciousness.

Paul Cézanne

All a musician can do is to get closer to the sources of nature, and so feel that he is in communion with the natural laws.

John Coltrane

There is nothing inorganic...The earth is living poetry.

Henry David Thoreau

When the wind blows the grass whistles and whispers in myths and riddles, and not in our language but one far older.

Mary Oliver

Perceiving is not a grasping or capturing, but rather the body's way of losing itself in the ever streaming blaze or fission of things... that give us back to ourselves as a way to be who we are with them.

Glen Mazis

We can perceive things at all only because we are entirely a part of the sensible world that we perceive. We might as well say that we are organs of this world,  flesh of its flesh and that the world is perceiving itself through us.

David Abram

All poets in the moments, long or short, of poetry, if they are really poets, hear the other voice. Nothing distinguishes a poet from other men and women but those moments – rare and frequent – in which being themselves, they are other.

Octavio Paz

Each is intimately connected to the bottom and extremest reach of time.

James Agee

What we all want in our lives is ...    a sense of active participation within life itself, and a way to put ourselves into accord with the mystery out of which we came and into which we will return.

Emmet Gowin

World and mind, mind and nature, self and other, our breath and the atmosphere are not separate from each other.

Joan Halifax

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